Upon Rebounding and Running in the Rain at Midnight

Sunday night, April 22, 2012, 11:15pm

A memory I will carve indelible into the palms of my hands:

Running feverishly to the subway in the pouring rain at 11:15 PM, moments before having breathlessly fled my desk at General Assembly (greeting the night custodian, beaming at the doorman), homeward bound to Washington Heights, unfazed by the awaiting one-hour commute:

Hi-top sneakers hitting the pavement, racing past taxis, leaping over puddles, plastic umbrella encircling backpack like a pod (sheltering the laptop), noting the sensation of raindrops pelting bare knees ($4 mens’ shorts extend only so far!), my final thoughts flashing upward to the starry black sky before leaping down the blinding whites of the 23rd st N/R entrance:

  • a) 35 min? (no delay between connections)
  • b) 45 min? (moderate delay between connections)
  • c) 60 min? (heavy delay between connections)
  • d) 1 hr 30 min? (heavy delay between connections, plus weekly train breakdown)

…and the heart madly palpitating- a sudden joy in the dawning realization that, for the first time in years my only immediate worry is as complicated and encumbered as:

Which of my computer books would be most fitting to read, for journey A), journey B), journey C), and journey D)?